High performance thermal cart, less power consumption

ARCTICartTM allows airlines to do without expensive, maintenance-intensive and power hungry chillers in airplane galleys.

This in-flight galley cart combines an innovative bonded structure and state of the art thermal shielding which keeps pre-chilled food and drinks stable at low temperatures for over 20 hours.

  • No dry ice necessary
  • No electrical power or batteries required
  • No operating fluids

The result is a significant reduction in airline catering costs.


  • Reduced Weight – Removal of chiller, cooling system and related hardware.
  • Increased Cabin Space – Removal of ducting, decreases the galley envelope and increases the available cabin space.
  • Maintenance Friendliness – Thermal insulation performance can be verified by ground and flight crew. Expensive chiller maintenance can be eliminated.
  • Superior Food Quality – Optimal conservation of fresh food. Content cannot be inadvertently undercooled or frozen.
  • Environmental Impact – Reduced power consumption, CO2 emission and cabin noise thanks to removal of chillers.
Your contact person: Francisco Aguilera ARCTICart flyer