Mission, Vision & Values

Enlightening answers adding value


As an independent, agile and reliable partner, we offer innovative lightweight solutions for the transportation sector.


Flying with minimum weight and maximum reliability.

Our values

We are fair, appreciative and respectful of all customers, employees and suppliers. We actively learn from our mistakes and reward performance.

We embrace a safety culture that strengthen the trust among customers, employees and suppliers.

We support highly productive processes that focus on efficiency and continuous improvement. We strive to eliminate all types of waste in accordance with lean management.

Through transparency and flexibility, we always act in a solution-oriented manner. Focusing on quality, we always strive to perfect our performance.

We continue to evolve, being bold and customer-orientation. We are always open to collaboration and innovation.

We are a reliable partner both internally and externally. We offer high quality products and meet deadlines. We reject all forms of corruption and always lead with integrity and honesty.