High-performance insulated cart

Innovative solution for chiller-free galleys and multi-segment catering. ARCTICart™ is a high-performance, insulated in-flight cart that offers exceptional thermal insulation for the storage and transport of chilled meals and drinks. Developed by Bucher, this in-flight cart does not require dry ice or maintenance-intensive, power-hungry chillers, which makes ARCTICart™ a reliable and cost-effective option for airlines.

With ARCTICart™, airlines can implement return or multi-segment catering strategies with chiller-free galleys, resulting in significant cost savings. The cart features high-performance insulation and an optimized structural design that keeps the initial temperature of food and drinks stable and low for over 20 hours, ensuring the freshness and quality of the meals served to passengers.

Our key features

  • Increase of less than 4°C over 20 hours without dry ice.
  • ARCTICart™ enables a fully mechanical, passive, safe and dry food preservation method, which supports carbon-neutral targets in the cold chain logistics of in-flight catering
  • Full compatibility with ATLAS standard (full-size and half-size)
  • Self-contained thermal insulation – no need for dry ice or external chillers
  • Maximum payload – internal usable space not reduced by cooling cassettes or additional insulation material


ARCTICart™ by Bucher is an ATLAS in-flight cart designed for storing and transporting chilled meals. It is fully compatible with the internal and external dimensions of ATLAS standards, including drawers/trays and galley garage. The cart features self-contained thermal insulation, eliminating the need for external support like air chillers or dry ice as a coolant. Additionally, the cart offers a maximum payload as its internal usable space is not reduced by cooling cassettes or extra insulation material.

Functional principle

Equipped with a high-performance insulation, ARCTICart™ is able to keep its content chilled for an extended period of time. Passive thermal shields combined with an optimized structural design keep the initial temperature of food and drinks stable and low. Its self-sufficient refrigeration concept relies on minimizing heat leakage between the cart interior and surrounding environment. The ARCTICart™ is available in ATLAS half-size and full-size, offering flexibility to customers.

By using the ARCTICart™, customers can implement a return or multi-segment catering strategy, leading to significant cost savings. The estimated yearly cost savings per flight route range between $50,000 and $100,000.


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