Product Development

Ingenious engineering – effective solutions.

Innovations and customer-specific solutions require technical competence and creativity. Our designers and engineers provide expertise and thus value in both of these areas.

At an initial technical coordination meeting our project lead will perform a detailed analysis of the customer requirements and will present a General Arrangement Drawings. The goal at this stage is to confirm the layout, ergonomics and safety requirements of the product in close cooperation with the customer.

Our experienced design engineers then develop a solution that has been optimized and tailored for the customer in terms of reliability, weight and space. 3D CAD models are created to facilitate and ease the planning and visualisation of the product and to proceed quickly. Next, corrections and refinements are discussed with the team and the customer and are incorporated into the design. It is at this point that the 2D drawings are complete.

At the same time, our certification engineers are busy putting a plan to certify the product and closely accompany the design process to ensure certifiability. Preliminary evaluations are done by numerical analysis. Once the design is completed and the Test Articles are built, the product undergoes a series of comprehensive testing in accordance with the product requirements. Bucher has both the means and expertise to test statics, cycles, temperature, insulation and acoustics based on aerospace specifications. The results are verified by certified test-specialists, who employ specific measuring devices that are renowned for their high precision.

Once the product passes all necessary tests, the product documentation is completed. 
Up-to-date manuals, reports and drawings ensure maintainability of the product over the entire lifecycle of the product.