Chilled Rail Cart
High-tech insulation for supporting food safety on trains

Bucher’s Chilled Rail Cart is an adaptation of the ARCTICartTM technology, geared towardrail-specific operational requirements for cold catering logistics.

The combination of active air-through chilling and Bucher’s Chilled Rail Cart results, first of all, in minimal power consumption thanks to the high-performance thermal insulation of the cart. Secondly, in the eventof a power disruption, the contents stored inside the Chilled Rail Car will remain at a low temperature for an extended period, ensuring food safety during the chiller downtime.

Our key features

  • Bucher’s ARCTICartTMthermal insulation technology
  • Aluminum exoskeleton ensures overall rigidity and strength of the cart while providing additional damage tolerance in case of inadvertent bumps on the edges
  • 360º rotating rollers for optimal maneuverability of the cart
  • Slam latch for the easy opening and closing of doors
  • Integrated braking system operated with pedals, similar to aviation trolleys
  • Compatible with active chilling (air trough) thanks to the dedicated interfaces on the rear of the cart

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