Bucher and CARE sign MoU for joint development of air rescue in China

Bucher Leichtbau is proud to announce its collaboration with China Aviation Rescue & Emergency (CARE), marking a significant milestone in the advancement of air rescue capabilities in China. CARE takes a pioneering role in China as the launch customer for Bucher's AC67 flex equipment, with the potential to place an order for an additional ten units.

“In response to the requirements of medical rescue missions in the Yangtze River Delta region, the H135 helicopter, equipped with Bucher’s AC67 flex HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) gear, was chosen to conduct HEMS operations. This is not only intended to cover the rescue sector but also address the needs of VIP customers. Consequently, in April of this year, we selected and procured Bucher’s rapidly deployable medical configuration equipment, namely the AC67 flex. This groundbreaking decision marks the first-ever application of a 20-minute quick change between VIP and medical configurations in China, significantly expanding the versatile applications of helicopters in the country,” stated CARE.

The partnership between Bucher and CARE extends beyond equipment provision to encompass various training initiatives. Since the beginning of their collaboration this year, Bucher has conducted high-quality theoretical and practical training for domestic medical personnel, adhering to international standards and regulations. This innovative training model has already garnered high recognition and support from globally renowned HEMS experts.

Together, Bucher and CARE aim to chart a pioneering path in air rescue in China. Their partnership transcends conventional boundaries, striving not only to provide state-of-the-art equipment but also to set new standards in the country through comprehensive training programs and operational initiatives.

Bucher has made significant strides this year in introducing its latest flexible equipment options, including the AC67 flex for the H135 and the AC70 flex tailored for H145 helicopters. These adaptable solutions have attracted global attention, particularly due to their innovative Quick Release system.

Building upon the principles of the AC67 flex, the AC70 flex stands out for its remarkable flexibility, facilitating seamless transitions between emergency services, VIP transport, police operations, cargo transport, firefighting, or military applications. This versatility has not only piqued the interest of rescue companies but has also appealed to private helicopter operators seeking to maximize operational efficiency through frequent configuration changes.

Bucher is focused on expanding its presence in these promising markets by collaborating with rescue companies and private operators. The integration of these flexible products is further facilitated by close collaboration with helicopter and air rescue experts in these regions. This cooperative approach ensures optimal customer support, streamlined communication channels, and accelerates the introduction of products and services.

Customers opting for this flexible equipment benefit from expert support and advice regarding applications, as well as potential upgrades or configurations. Bucher’s AC70 flex equipment has also generated significant demand for police and military operations, given the adaptability and versatility of the equipment in these sectors.

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