Bucher Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions at AIX 2024

The Bucher Group's participation at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg will showcase its cutting-edge products in a newly designed booth. The highlight of the presentation will be a single aisle aircraft fuselage featuring various Bucher products tailored for this market segment.

These will include the 16g Bionic Partition Wall, recognized as the lightest of its kind, and the now market-ready SkyBassinet following recent refinements. The focus is on a fully customized Self-service Counter, which was developed for longer flights in single-aisle aircraft. This bespoke design underscores Bucher’s proficiency in addressing individual customer requirements, showcasing the company’s adaptability in delivering tailored solutions. The unveiling of this exclusive feature is set to be a highlight of the event, emphasizing Bucher’s commitment to meeting unique client demands.

Additionally, the product lineup will feature a Class Divider, which provides enhanced privacy for passengers in premium cabin classes. Bucher will also be presenting a number of enhancements to its proven ATS Stretcher for patient transportation. These include an Oxygen Medical Unit with single support in collaboration with its partner Aircraft Completion Engineering.

An exciting innovation at the booth includes a twin-aisle aircraft center Galley with integrated Roller Blind and Branding Elements. Bucher is proud to unveil the Bucher Roller Blind, a product that merges Swiss technology with innovative design, showcased for the first time within a Galley unit. This tailor-made Galley will be presented with a range of sophisticated features, including a distinctive Branding Element. Over the past few years, Bucher has accumulated significant expertise in the development and integration of Banding Elements.

With a year of successful approvals under its wings, the ARCTICart™ is now soaring through test flights with multiple prestigious airlines. Could the reveal of a launch customer be on the horizon? Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement that promises to captivate and intrigue. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey with ARCTICart™! The AIX 2023 will be the opportunity for visitors to experience the half-size and full-size versions of Bucher’s ARCTICart™, the first in-flight service cart with high-performing thermal insulation. Our carts meet the ATLAS standard requirements in the inside and outside and has already received FAA´s TSO Authorization.

Premium folding tables and cabin mechanisms along with the well-known reliable and in-flight proven tray table solutions and high-end supports for tablets in the cabin, Bucher will be displaying among others like last year, the table “Olympia”, a Premium Swing-up Food Tray Table. This table mechanism is characterized by its compactness, which is ideal for applications inside the armrest or in side-consoles. At the same time, the table “Olympia” includes high-end features, which are characteristic for Bucher’s VIP tables like force-assisted motion, fall-back prevention or integrated latch.

These innovative products reflect Bucher’s ambition to develop solutions that enhance the passenger experience, promote airline brands, and reduce carbon emissions during operations.

Visitors are welcome to explore these advanced capabilities and innovations, and engage in discussions with Bucher’s specialists.

You can visit the Bucher Group at booth 5D60 in hall B5 at the Aircraft Interiors Expo for more insights. For additional information about the Bucher Group, please visit our website at or reach out  via email to

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