Simply store things more conveniently

Introducing our customized stowage solutions, designed to make air travel more convenient and hassle-free. Our Stowages are carefully crafted to optimize space and provide easy access to items during the flight. With a focus on lightweight construction and efficient design, our Stowages offer maximum functionality without sacrificing comfort or style. Discover how our stowage solutions can elevate your passengers’ experience and make your airline stand out from the competition.

Our key features

  • Extremely lightweight construction
  • Functional, safe and easy-to-use designs
  • Customizable according to your special and individual needs
  • Integrated design, perfectly matched to the specific cabin design


At Bucher, we understand the importance of safe and organized stowage areas for jackets, coats, and other items during air travel. That’s why we offer customized stowage solutions designed specifically to your requirements. Our lightweight construction principles are applied to ensure maximum efficiency and functionality. We offer a variety of dimensions and stowage types, along with diverse options for interior design. From clothes racks to pressure and turn locks, we can provide the solutions you need to make stowing items simple and convenient.

Functional principle

Our Stowages are designed for optimal space utilization, with compartments that can accommodate a variety of items. The folding tables provide a convenient surface for passengers, while the IFE and AIP integration ensure a seamless entertainment experience. Literature pockets are also included for easy access to reading materials. The electrical system, which includes power outlets, allows passengers to stay connected and charged throughout their journey. Lighting is also integrated for added convenience and comfort.


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