Crew Work Station
High functionality – more productivity

Today’s flight crews have to acquaint themselves frequently with new technological developments. At Bucher, we believe that a happy and comfortable crew is essential for ensuring a successful flight. Especially modern airplanes are equipped with innovative technologies and advancements. To facilitate the work for flight crews, we have developed Crew Work Stations (CWS) exactly for these needs.

Investing in a CWS means investing in your airline’s success. Let us help you take your in-flight experience to the next level.

Our key features

  • Lightweight design: our signature feature of all our products
  • Efficiency : cost-efficient solutions with reliable functionality
  • Comfort: ergonomic design and handling
  • Customization: adaptable according to your specific requirements


Our modern and lightweight CWS is geared to the highest demands, providing reliable functionality and ergonomic handling. We understand that every airline has unique needs and preferences, which is why we customize our CWS according to the customer’s requests.

The most important function of a CWS is to control the entire airplane cabin from a central point. This streamlines communication and coordination among the crew, resulting in more efficient and seamless operation.

That is why our CWS is designed with the latest technology to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for the crew. From the stowable seat and spacious work surface to the integration of all electrical components and lockable storage compartments, our CWS is the ultimate solution for crew productivity and comfort.

Functional principle

Introducing our state-of-the-art Crew Work Stations, designed with the needs of airline crews in mind. Our product is equipped with a range of features that enhance crew productivity and comfort during flights.

One of the standout features of our Crew Work Stations is the stowable seat, which can be easily tucked away to create more workspace when needed. The spacious work surface is perfect for conducting in-flight duties such as catering paperwork, inflight entertainment and communication.

To ensure seamless operation, our product integrates all electrical components, including an electrical system with power outlets for charging devices. Additionally, lockable storage compartments provide a secure place for storing important equipment and personal belongings.

For optimal comfort, our Crew Work Stations are also equipped with an air system to ensure a comfortable temperature and fresh air circulation throughout the cabin.


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