Bucher installs first H135 HEMS equipment in China

Bucher has delivered a total of six H135 HEMS equipment units for the Chinese market.

The last delivery was the first to be installed on-site by our specialists in the newly built FAL (Final Assembly Line) in Qingdao, in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong. The plant is the first H135 FAL outside Europe. The opening of this FAL took place after the cooperation agreement between Airbus Helicopters and China on the purchase of 100 H135s Helicopters has been signed in 2016. 95 of these 100 helicopters will be assembled in Qingdao starting this year.

The main components, such as the main fuselage, main gearbox and rear fuselage, will be delivered to China from Donauwörth, Germany and Albacete, Spain. The 6,500 square meter plant in Qingdao consists of four assembly stations, a painting cabin, ground and flight test areas as well as a delivery center. The Bucher team installed AC67 HEMS equipment at Airbus Helicopters Qingdao (China) at the Flight Line. Our very experienced specialists were able to meet the high on-site requirements for the installation, and the cooperation with the Chinese colleagues was also flawless. After the helicopter was lined entirely, our specialists started with the installation of our equipment. In addition to an electrical system installed behind the lining, this also includes various medical equipment mounts at different points in the helicopter. As a central work station for the physicians, a medical wall in the center with power supply as well as oxygen distribution system . This system is supplied by oxygen bottles, which are placed in a side window niche. The HEMS equipment consists of a stretcher system for the patient and three seats for the medical crew who care for the patient during the flight. The number of seats, as well as the remaining equipment, can be individually adapted to the customer’s wishes. The installation of the Bucher lightweight equipment is certified by the European EASA (STC) as well as the validation of the Chinese Aviation Authority CAAC. You can find more information about our equipment at:

“The installation of our equipment in China was a complete success thanks to excellent cooperation with Airbus Helicopters Donauwörth (Germany) and Airbus Helicopters Qingdao (China). We are proud that we were able to complete this order for our customer smoothly and thus laid the foundation for further installations on site. Once again, Bucher has proven its well-known strengths such as reliability, punctuality and outstanding quality, as well as its extensive expertise,” says Beat Burlet, CEO of Bucher Leichtbau AG.

The H135 is one of the most popular light twin-engine helicopters in China, mainly used in helicopter emergency medicine (HEMS), search and rescue, law enforcement, firefighting and tourism. At the moment, some 1’300 H135 family helicopters with more than 5 million flight hours are in service worldwide.

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