Premium IFE Solution
Minimum space for maximum function.

The integration of IFE equipment such as monitors, screens or tablets into the seating system or other furniture of an aircraft is demanded by passengers and a necessity for crew members. Bucher has accumulated for over two decades a rich and wide experience in the development and manufacturing of all kinds of mechanisms for the installation and easy operation of IFE.

Video arms are non-detachable solutions for monitors that include a smart and concealed cable management along with the necessary deployment and adjustability motions for passengers’ comfort. Increased screen size and bulkier harnesses which support modern functionalities require more sophisticated mechanisms. Bucher provides reliable and lightweight video arms which will perfectly fit into your cabin environment.

Tablet holders are mechanical solutions, either detachable or permanent, which provide a convenient surface and support for BYO (“bring-your-own”) IFE equipment, normally tablets and smartphones. Compactness, smooth motions and integrated power supply interfaces are features of Bucher´s tablet holders which are most appreciated by VIP customers.

Our key features

  • Accommodates with monitor sizes up to 15 inches
  • Variety of deployment methods: manual, force-assisted, and kick-out
  • Optional integrated latch to secure stowed position
  • Solutions for bulky harnesses
  • Adjustable rotation and tilt


Bucher is specialized in designing and manufacturing top-quality video arm and tablet holder solutions for VIP aircraft interiors. Our extensive experience and knowledge in this field enable us to provide reliable solutions with minimal design iterations and reduced technical risks. We offer a wide range of customizable IFE solutions to meet the unique requirements of each project. Our in-service proven designs are optimized for maximum performance and reliability, and our expertise covers all aspects of video arm and tablet holder solutions, ensuring that every detail is accounted for. When you work with us, you can trust that your IFE mechanism is in the hands of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality products that meet your specific needs.

Functional principle

In addition to conventional requirements such as weight, reliability, and aesthetics, Bucher offers smart kinematics:

  • In-arm installation with rotating deploy
  • In-arm installation with drawer-style deployment
  • Armrest mounted and stowed in garage
  • Reduced radius compared to conventional front-row seat video arms

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