NGS Stretcher
Patient Transport – made easy

A stretcher is an indispensable device in the case of a sick or injured flight guest and especially if that stretcher offers the highest possible degree of comfort and fulfills the latest safety requirements. The “New Generation Stretcher” from Bucher can meet all such requirements with ease.

Our key features

  • Time savings: Installation within 10 – 15 minutes and disassembly in approx. 5 minutes
  • Cost benefits: With its outstanding ease of maintenance, relevant costs are kept strictly under control
  • Quality benefits: We are listed as the sole stretcher supplier in the Airbus Purchaser Technical Specification (PTS)
  • Patient satisfaction: Thanks to its accessibility and wide range of different couch settings, the NGS offers patients safety and comfort
  • Certifications: We meet the regulatory requirements of EASA, FAA, and various other countries (e.g., CAAC China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, etc.)


For large-capacity aircraft like the Airbus A380, the NGS system forms the core of the “First Aid Module” (FAM). It can also be expanded with everything that belongs to a proper first aid station, such as a seat for the patient’s caretaker, or a compartment for the storage of materials. Of course, this is all in line with our lightweight construction principle, and it takes up very little space – open or closed, too.

Functional principle

The NGS stands out with its practical functionality and is ready for patient transport in the blink of an eye. Folded together in a box, the stretcher saves space in the cargo area and can be transported to wherever you need it. In addition to its proven versatile design, the Bucher NGS also has a wide range of useful accessories, which are particularly evident in practical operational situations, and which provide significant additional benefits: for both the patient and operator. The result is increased efficiency – across all relevant aspects.


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