H145 HEMS AC70flex
where flexibility meets performance

We believe that every helicopter operator around the world, whether based in Africa, Australia, China, or anywhere else, should have access to equipment that is flexible and adaptable enough to suit their needs. That’s why we created a multi-mission solution that can be quickly converted to suit different missions, from rescue operations to cargo transport and VIP transport. If you’re looking to maximize your helicopter’s operational time, look no further than Bucher. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible and adaptable equipment solutions.

Our key features

  • Flexible, almost completely removable equipment
  • Upgradable to a dedicated HEMS helicopter
  • Multiple mission configurations under one STC
  • Proven ergonomic and modern design
  • Medical interior designed for workflow optimization
  • Full medical certification with CE label
  • Very functional and lightweight equipment


Our Quick Release System allows for a seamless transition between configurations, maximizing the helicopter’s operational time and efficiency. And with our modular and flexible components, many of which can be used across our HEMS kits, including the AC70 and AC67 and AC67 flex, we are able to provide a customizable solution that meets the unique requirements of each operator.

Functional principle

Our Quick Release System allows for all detachable parts to be easily exchanged, cleaned and maintained. With multiple configurations available under the same STC, including 1 to 4 crew and 1 or 2 patients, our equipment offers high functionality and easy ergonomic access to medical devices. It is also designed to ensure perfect working conditions with a highly functional and hygiene-conscious concept. Our equipment is NVIS compatible with LED lights available for 24-hour operation, and it takes less than 15 minutes to install. Additionally, our modular equipment allows for easy upgrades to Bucher’s dedicated HEMS solutions. We also offer on-site medical training for HEMS mission scenarios, and our equipment carries a CE label for the highest medical standards.


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