H145 HEMS AC70
designed with user experience in mind

We understand the critical role that helicopter equipment plays in emergency medical services, which is why we have carefully designed our AC70 HEMS equipment to meet the unique demands of these missions. Our dedication to quality is reflected in our well-thought-out overall concept, based on insights from long-term users. By choosing Bucher Leichtbau AC70 HEMS equipment, operators can ensure the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of their rescue missions. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information on how our HEMS equipment can enhance your helicopter rescue operations.

Our key features

  • Ergonomic design and workflow improvement
  • Flexible and modular equipment certified under one STC roof
  • Multiple configurations and various options for different missions
  • Full medical certification with CE label for highest safety standards
  • Functional and hygiene-conscious concept for perfect working conditions


Our solution impresses with features that are specifically tailored to the needs of helicopter operators in rescue missions. These include lightweight equipment, flexible mission profiles under a single certification, and modular customization options for special requirements. These features guarantee optimal performance of our products, even under the most demanding conditions in rescue operations.

Functional principle

Our AC70 HEMS equipment for helicopter rescue operations offers a range of features tailored to your specific needs. This includes the first Modular Stretcher System with EASA approval for use under all flight conditions, which includes an integrated spine board and ergonomic carry handles.

In addition, our equipment includes a Modularity Center Cabinet for high-capacity rescue packs and a work area. We also offer rear, center, and side LED lights with night vision mode for ideal brightness, safe loading processes, and workspace.

Our flexible seating concept allows for patient care in different positions, and we prioritize safe and easy loading of both patients and equipment. Our equipment also features a continuous retainer concept for medical devices at different positions, as well as a well-thought-out hygiene concept for easy cleaning.

To further improve functionality, we have included easily removable equipment using “Quick-Release” fittings, as well as an innovative, customizable electrical system with CAN bus technology and AC/DC power. Additionally, we have designed well-placed service panels offering power outlets, intercom, and O2 pressure displays.


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