H135 HEMS AC67flex
for maximum flexibility

For helicopter operators in rescue missions, we provide a versatile multi-mission solution that prioritizes both functionality and weight efficiency. Our “Quick Release” system enables  fast and easy transformation of the EMS interior into a VIP, police, cargo, fire brigade, or military interior, taking less than 30 minutes for installation. This flexibility allows you to adapt to different missions and requirements without compromising on performance or safety.

Our key features

  • Flexible, fully detachable and upgradable equipment
  • Multiple mission configurations under one STC
  • Proven ergonomic lightweight design
  • Medical interior designed for workflow optimization
  • Full medical certification with CE label


Bucher’s proven ergonomic and functional design is the result of smart engineering as well as cooperation with many long-term users. Depending on your mission profile, you can choose between several mission configurations for various scenarios. Many components can be reused in our AC67 HEMS kit for dedicated air rescue operation – as used by many operators in Europe.

Functional principle

We offer a “Quick Release” system that allows for the fast and easy exchange, cleaning, and maintenance of all detachable parts. Our equipment offers multiple mission profiles with several configurations available for three- up to five-person crews plus the patient under the same STC (EASA, others on request).

Our high-performance design provides easy and ergonomic access to all medical devices, with a highly functional and hygiene-conscious concept that ensures perfect working conditions. The system is EN 13718 and NVIS compatible, ensuring compatibility with current regulations and requirements.

Additionally, our modular equipment design enables easy upgrading to Bucher’s dedicated HEMS solution AC67, providing even greater functionality and customization for your operation.


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