H135 HEMS AC67
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Over the years, we have continuously improved the cabin concept of our HEMS equipment. Through intelligent technology and close collaboration with our long-term users, such as the German air rescue experts ADAC, we have developed a lightweight design that allows for higher payload capacity and improved fuel efficiency.

Our key features

  • Flexible and modular equipment certified under one STC roof
  • Multiple configurations and various options for different missions
  • Full medical certification with CE label for highest safety standards
  • Functional and hygiene-conscious concept for perfect working conditions


Our equipment is flexibly certified and adapts to different rescue operations. Additionally, we offer modular customization to meet specific requirements and tailor our HEMS equipment to the individual needs of each operator.

Functional principle

Our Modular Stretcher System equipment is the first of its kind with EASA approval for use under all flight conditions, even with an upright backrest. It features an integrated spine board made from carbon fiber, which can also be used in X-ray machines to relocate severely injured or traumatized patients. The loading platform for rear and side loading offers excellent accessibility for ergonomic loading of the patient outside the tail boom and landing gear. A medical wall panel allows for the control of oxygen supply and offers various power outlets as well as high capacity for storing different medical devices. We optimize the use of helicopter cabin windows to store the O2 bottles. Access to all medical devices is simple and ergonomically designed. The swivel seat with longitudinal movement enables optimal patient treatment. Different configurations are available from a three-person crew up to a five-person crew plus patient under the same STC. Additional lights in the cabin and at the rear ensure optimal patient treatment and support the loading process. All detachable parts are equipped with quick-release fittings for changing configurations within minutes and for easy cleaning and maintenance.


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