Front Row Monument
Full of opportunities

Bucher is known worldwide for its reliable and lightweight designs. Nowadays, airlines strive for both space-saving customization and robust constructions.

With our profound knowledge and years of experience in galley engineering, we offer a perfect solution with our customized Front Row Monuments (FRMs). In our projects, we are able to create unique designs that fulfill both customer requirements and aircraft manufacturer specifications. As Bucher’s FRMs are based on the same principles as our well-known lightweight Galleys, customers can expect the same quality and reliability.

Choose Bucher’s Front Row Monuments for your airline, and elevate your in-flight experience to the next level.

Our key features

  • Integration of the personal IFE
  • Extra storage compartments for the passenger
  • Various storage options such as a coat room or a curtain garage
  • Wide range of unique styling and design possibilities


At Bucher, we understand that airline cabins are not just a space for passengers to sit and travel – they are an integral part of your brand image and reputation. That’s why we have developed our Front Row Monuments, which offer a range of enhanced options to elevate your passengers’ in-flight experience.

Our Front Row Monuments are designed to seamlessly integrate into any new cabin design project, or to be integrated when upgrading or re-configuring any F/C or B/C cabin with new seats. This flexibility means that you can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your cabin, regardless of its current state.

With our Front Row Monuments, you can set visually attractive accents and generate a highly customized brand experience for your passengers. Our product is designed to meet the highest industry standards, and is backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Functional principle

Our product is designed to prioritize functionality and comfort, while maximizing cabin space. Our innovative design includes a secure baby bassinet bracket, a curtain garage for practical storage, and in-flight entertainment (IFE) integration for endless entertainment options. Miscellaneous personal storage compartments keep belongings close at hand and the footwell design maximizes legroom, providing a comfortable seating experience. Our brand panel adds a sleek and professional appearance to your airline, enhancing your brand image and reputation. Backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, choose our Front Row Monuments to exceed industry standards and provide the ultimate comfort and convenience for your passengers.

Our Front Row Monuments are constructed with lightweight honeycomb core panels, making them both durable and lightweight. In addition to our aluminum-based designs, we also possess expertise in composite material processing, providing a range of surface options and high-quality decorative finishing materials.


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