ATS Stretcher
ATS – new heights in patient transport

In line with current market trends, our Air Transport Stretcher has taken full consideration of the latest seat designs and a wide range of seat pitches.

This is due to the innovative design concept, which enables height adjustability and quick installation times, and it also fits into various seat rail systems.

Our key features

  • The ATS system is certified for current Airbus and Boeing
  • Installed in just 8 – 12 minutes without tools, easy installation with our click system
  • The ATS fits inconspicuously into the cabin and only requires three rows of seats
  • Fully 16g dynamic tested
  • Optimal lying comfort thanks to individual adjustment possibilities of the bed in the upper body and leg areas


The ATS Stretcher is a highly adaptable solution for patient medical transportation, offering added value to both the patient and the operator. Its height adjustment capabilities and securing devices allow for rapid assembly and disassembly, while a range of accessories make it highly versatile in various operational situations.

Functional principle

The ATS Stretcher is designed to meet the technical specifications required for aviation use.

With adjustable back and footrests, armrests, and optional features like curtains, tables, bed extensions, and infusion stands, the ATS can be customized to meet specific patient needs.

The ATS Stretcher is certified to comply with FAR / CS 25 regulations, ensuring that it meets the necessary safety standards for use in the aviation industry.


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