On the occasion of this milestone, Bucher is presenting a range of new products and advancements for aircraft cabins at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

One highlight is the compact and portable SkyBassinet. Thanks to its patented folding mechanism, the new baby bed can be folded to the size of a small handbag, resulting in a space-saving of over 50%. This offers more flexibility in the use of storage space for cabin crew while providing maximum sleeping comfort for the baby.

Furthermore, a sliding class divider is being introduced for the first time, which serves to differentiate the flight classes within the aircraft cabin. Another innovative product is our enhanced Doghouse, a flexible and customizable storage solution for the cabin and crew, optimizing space utilization and increasing efficiency. Additionally, Bucher offers branding elements that allow airlines to showcase their logos, colors, and advertising messages throughout the cabin, optimizing the overall aesthetics of the aircraft and enhancing passenger interaction.

Apart from that, Bucher is showcasing a custom Galley directly from our production line. With a variety of sophisticated features and details, this Galley demonstrates Bucher’s commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and materials. The back wall of the Galley has been enhanced with an ultra-slim AerQ OLED monitor for the exhibition, allowing airlines to individually present their branding and product advertisements during the flight.

Visitors to our booth will have the opportunity to admire both the half-size and full-size ARCTICartTM – a service trolley with highly efficient thermal insulation for inflight operations. Our trolleys comply with ATLAS standards both inside and outside and received FAA TSO certification in 2022. ARCTICartTM can maintain temperature increase below 4°C for over 20 hours without the need for expensive dry ice. The ARCTICartTM Ice-Packs provide additional safety by extending the duration for safe temperature maintenance.

With these and many other innovations, we aim to improve the passenger experience, support cabin crew, and reduce CO2 emissions in aircraft operations.

All products, solutions, and inventions by Bucher are based on the principle of sustainability. Bucher focuses on the development and production of lightweight and more reliable products, which, due to their solid structure, have a long service life and allow for easy replacement of parts. This enables airlines to minimize their ecological footprint and extend the lifespan of their cabin equipment.

Bucher’s 70th anniversary is a clear testament to our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and quality. As a family-owned company with a long history of success in the aviation industry, we are well-positioned to continue offering innovative solutions for aircraft cabins worldwide.

You can find us at booth 5D60 in Hall B5 at the Aircraft Interiors Expo.

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This new contract will give Bucher the exciting opportunity to play a key development and manufacturing role in Deutsche Aircraft’s new eco-efficient airplane. With the D328ecoTM, a new 40-seat turboprop regional aircraft, the OEM will accelerate the aviation industry towards new lower emissions with its new engines, which will be certified for synthetic fuel.

Bucher’s time-to-market capabilities, supply chain resilience, sustainability across the life-cycle of the product and commercial competitiveness were important key factors in being awarded this contract. The investments in innovations over the past years and the recognition of market requirements as well as the demand for sustainable solutions underscore  Bucher’s  trustworthiness, effective and lean communication channels as well as its agile structure.

Commenting on the new contract, Beat Burlet, Chief Executive Officer of Bucher, said:
“With our range of proven, innovative and sustainable products for the aircraft cabin, we believe that Bucher is a natural fit for Deutsche Aircraft. We are honored to sign this contract for a longstanding supplier partnership with Deutsche Aircraft and look forward to enhancing the passenger and crew experience with our range of interior products.”

Nico Neumann, COO of Deutsche Aircraft said:
 “Since the beginning of discussions Bucher has shown a clear understanding of our requirements. Their decades-long know-how regarding cabin interior monuments and lightweight construction, whilst being open-minded regarding innovation and the high finishing quality on the product makes them the perfect partner for the galley and partitions for the D328eco. The D328eco will change the way we fly and help reduce our carbon footprint.”

Bucher’s long-established philosophy to build lighter and more reliable products helps airlines and operators to reduce their CO2 emissions. Thanks to the bionic construction, weight saving of more than 30% has been achieved by using less material on Bucher’s Partitions. Furthermore all of Bucher’s products are designed for a life span of over 20 years and require very few spare parts.

Also the aspect of recyclability at a product’s end-of-life must be taken into account. Bucher Galleys are made of over 65% aluminum. After a useful life span of over 20 years these aluminum components can be recycled through a remelting process that only consumes 5% of the initial energy used to produce the primary aluminum. 75% of the total aluminum ever produced worldwide is still in use. Recycling 1 ton of aluminum saves 6 tons of bauxite and 9 tons of CO2 emissions. Globally, recycling aluminum saves more than 100 million tons of CO2 each year. Bucher will continue build lightweight and reliable products and increase the use of recyclable and recycled materials.

For more information about Bucher Group, please contact us at: bucher@bucher-group.com.

Similar to the AC67 flex for the H135, the new AC70 flex is based on the same principle of making all components as flexible as possible. This flexibility is guaranteed by a “Quick Release” system, which allows a quick conversion from an EMS into a VIP, police, cargo, fire brigade or military configuration.

With this new product Bucher is seeking to break new ground and appeal not only to air rescue operators but also, more importantly, to helicopter operators who want to convert their configuration several times a day to keep the helicopter in operation for as many hours as possible.

To help increase customer awareness and product adoption, Bucher has partnered with long-standing experts from the field of air rescue and helicopter to work hand in hand with customers. With the help of these experts Bucher is able to utilize its customer proximity and short communication channels to improve and expedite product onboarding and in service times. When a customer invests in our flexible equipment, our experts are available for immediate advice on product use and upgradeabilty.

The idea of building a flexible equipment product range  was inspired by the fact that in many countries air rescue operators are not run by the government or a foundation or association, but rather by private helicopter operators, whose main interest is keeping the helicopter in operation as long as possible. For this they must be enabled to fly different types of missions several times within a 24 hour period.

Not only are the flexible equipment AC67 flex and AC70 flex self-contained and almost completely expandable, but they also contain various components found in the Bucher’s classic rescue equipment AC70 for H145 and AC67 for H135. As in the past, Bucher has worked closely with various helicopter operators in the development of this product line. Bucher’s proven ergonomic and functional design is the result of smart engineering as well as cooperation with many long-term users. Depending on the customer’s mission profile, they can choose between several mission configurations for multiple scenarios.

Bucher’s main goal is to offer maximum flexibility and modularity. We strive to provide the highest quality products for the best possible performance for multi-mission and rescue operators. This can be attributed to the founder of the company, Heinrich Bucher, who was inspired by the idea of producing lightweight and reliable products made out of aluminum. Bucher has continued to refine and optimize this unique lightweight construction concept. Nowadays, however, Bucher has expanded its product offering to also include composite and carbon fiber materials, thus allowing the company to easily and efficiently adapt its products to meet individual customer requirements in various areas such as helicopters, airplanes and trains.

For more information about Bucher Group, please visit: https://bucher-group.com or contact us at: bucher@bucher-group.com.

Only those who try the impossible can achieve the possible.  And only those who question the conventional can achieve the extraordinary. At Bucher we are constantly innovating on more and more user-friendly and sustainable solutions that maximize the flight experience for passengers, that make working in the air easier for crew members and which are sustainable for the environment.

We would be excited to show you our latest innovations at the AIX 2022 in Hamburg.

We will be presenting our 16g “Bionic” Partition Wall with our brand new, ultralight Baby Bassinet. Our Innovation Galley with integrated inventory and power management systems, an integrated induction charging station for beverage carts elaborated in cooperation with our partner SkyTender. Together with the latest half- and full-size versions of Bucher’s ARCTICartTM, the first ever in-flight service cart with high-performing insulation, we have developed a seamless and more efficient catering experience. And to meet hygiene standards during flight, we have also developed an Antiviral Galley kit, which should be an integral part of any new Galley. You will experience all this and much more at our booth. Let our innovations inspire you!

As in previous years before, we will continue to showcase our proven ATS Stretcher for patient transportation and specially for 2022, we will present additions like an Oxygen Medical System kit in collaboration with our partner Aircraft Completion Engineering and an incubator support, which is designed specifically for our ATS Stretcher. Along with the well-known reliable and in-flight proven tray table solutions and high-end supports for tablets in the cabin, Bucher will be displaying for the first time its table “Olympia”, a premium class swing-up food tray table.

All our products, solutions and inventions are based on a guiding principle of “Sustainable Solutions”. Drawing from Bucher’s long-standing philosophy of flying with minimum weight and maximum reliability, we continue to develop and produce environmentally sustainable products that help airlines reduce their carbon emissions and waste during operations, as well allow for recycling at the end of the product life cycle.

You can find us from June 14 to 16 at booth 5D60 in hall B5.