Bucher presents the AC70 flex at European Rotors 2022.

Bucher is very proud to present its latest member of flexible helicopter rescue equipment at European Rotors in Cologne from November 8th to 10th, 2022: the AC70 flex for the H145.

Bucher is proud to introduce its latest addition to flexible helicopter rescue equipment, following the same principle as the AC67 flex for the H135. This flexibility is enabled by a ‘Quick Release’ system, allowing for rapid conversion between EMS, VIP, police, cargo, firefighting, or military configurations.

With these new flexible equipment options, Bucher aims to provide innovative solutions not only for air rescue companies but also for helicopter operators who need to switch configurations multiple times a day to maximize their helicopter’s operational hours.

To enhance product awareness and integration with customers, Bucher collaborates closely with seasoned experts in the helicopter and air rescue fields. This collaboration ensures proximity to customers and short communication channels to expedite product launches and service times. When a customer chooses our flexible equipment, our experts are readily available for immediate consultation on product deployment and expansion possibilities.

The idea of developing a product line with flexible equipment came to Bucher’s attention when they realized that in many countries, air rescue service operators are not government, foundation, or association-led but are instead operated by private helicopter companies whose primary interest is to keep the helicopter in operation as long as possible. To achieve this, they need the capability to perform various types of missions multiple times within a 24-hour timeframe.

The flexible equipment AC67 flex and AC70 flex are not only self-contained and highly expandable but also incorporate various components from the classic Bucher rescue equipment AC70 for H145 and AC67 for H135. Just as in the past, Bucher worked closely with various helicopter operators in developing this product line. The proven ergonomic and functional design of Bucher products results from smart engineering and collaboration with many long-time users. Depending on the mission profile, customers can choose from different mission configurations for various scenarios.

Bucher’s primary goal is to offer customers maximum flexibility and modularity. The company is committed to developing high-quality products to deliver optimal performance for multi-mission and rescue operations. This commitment can be traced back to the company’s founder, Heinrich Bucher, who was driven by the idea of creating lightweight and reliable aluminum products. This unique lightweight principle has been refined and optimized by Bucher over the years. Today, Bucher has expanded its product offering to include composite and carbon fiber materials, allowing the company to efficiently customize its products to individual customer needs in various sectors, such as helicopters, aircraft, and trains.

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