Bucher Leichtbau, the well-known manufacturer of aviation interiors, supplies to the rail market

Bucher is adapting its many years of experience from aviation to the rail market and supplying four modules for the IdeenzugCity.

Since 2016, the DB Regio subsidiary of the Südostbayernbahn has been working on the IdeenzugCity project together with the innovation lab “d.lab”, the Munich design agency “neomind”, 30 partners, the passengers, and the Bavarian Railway Company.

In the 1:1 model of a commuter train, ideas are being explored around rail travel in the urban transport of the future. The aim is to use innovative ideas, to play an active role in shaping the transformation of transportation and encourage many people to switch their transportation to the environmentally friendly train. From convertible modules and new comfort concepts to sustainable interior design, a wide range of trends and topics are being implemented here. The first presentation of the IdeenzugCity is scheduled for July 21, 2021.

The implemented modules of Bucher, which can be viewed virtually, after registration, on the Ideenzug are the following:

Even the smallest space can be used wisely. Our especially developed table systems meet all requirements for intelligent use of space – thanks to adaptable modularity and a focus on compatibility with other elements of the workspace. Our customers – aircraft seat and automotive manufacturers, rail integrators or outfitting centers – are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to meet their ever-increasing requirements for passengers and crew.

For the IdeenzugCity, Bucher was allowed to implement a workspace in front of a window that can be used as a workstation with tablet holder and inductive charging stations for cell phones. To be able to work comfortably, the passenger can make himself comfortable on the foldable sit-stand chairs.

Seating elements
In addition, Bucher was commissioned to implement various seating elements for the project. These seating elements convince with sophisticated functionalities and mechanisms. The functionality is based on Newton’s law of gravity. Bucher’s innovative engineers and designers often make use of such peculiarities that occur in nature and implement them in the design of interior products for transportation applications.

For example, sliding seats next to entrance doors serve as comfortable seating during off-peak hours. At peak times, they are transformed into a space-saving, upholstered wall where the passenger can lean against. Furthermore, a complete bench seat was developed which can be folded in front of unused doors to provide three additional seats. A similar concept is the 4-seater element, which can also be placed in front of the entrance doors to gain additional seating.

Customized cabin mechanisms are great examples of Bucher’s know-how, experience and sophisticated design aesthetics. We consistently meet the highest expectations of functionality and comfort for our customers.

In addition to the individually developed elements listed, Bucher also supplies kitchens and toilets to the rail market.

Beat Burlet, CEO of Bucher Leichtbau, comments as follows:
“Bucher is extremely pleased to be involved as a supplier for this promising, innovative rail concept. Projects such as this can demonstrate how an even more comfortable travel experience can be offered to passengers in mass transit in the future.”

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