Bucher announces partnership with JetBlue

Bucher, a pioneering provider of aerospace solutions, announces a collaboration with JetBlue, a leading U.S. airline known for its great service at low fares. This partnership aims to build on JetBlue’s unique cabin features, maintaining its status in the aviation industry.

Under the agreement, the Bucher Group will develop and implement a range of innovative enhancements to bring JetBlue’s iconic cabin features to life on select, new aircraft.

Among these features is the JetBlue Pantry®, a self-service counter tailored for Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft, which is designed to bring added convenience and a refreshing level of added choice to JetBlue’s offerings.

The collaboration also includes the creation of sophisticated Front Row Monuments and Class Dividers, incorporating state-of-the-art composite constructions and advanced design concepts that align with the aesthetics and functionality of JetBlue’s prestigious Mint cabin. These enhancements meet the highest standards of quality and design, synonymous with both Bucher’s and JetBlue’s brand reputations.

Beat Burlet, CEO of Bucher, said: “The Bucher Group is committed to innovation and excellence in the aerospace sector, and our new partnership with JetBlue highlights our dedication to enhancing the flying experience through cutting-edge technology and design. We are proud to partner with an airline which shares our vision for the future of air travel.”

This partnership reflects Bucher Group’s strategic focus on expanding its presence in the U.S. aviation market, and will see it utilize its extensive expertise in high-quality cabin solutions to benefit JetBlue’s diverse customer base. Through this collaboration, Bucher Group not only reinforces its position as a leader in the aerospace industry but also supports JetBlue’s commitment to providing great service.

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