Requirements for premium cabins go beyond the obvious and what is visible to the naked eye. Over decades Bucher has continued to refine its expertise in developing moving components and mechanisms for aircraft interiors.

Today, our solutions for VIP / high-end applications in airplanes or ground vehicle cabins go beyond looking good or accomplishing a specific task. Passenger interaction with movable parts is an important feature of the travelling experience. The tangible difference between common and excellent cabin mechanisms is evident in their feel and sound during operation.

Folding tray tables are great examples of the maximum expressions of Bucher’s know-how, experience, and sophisticated design aesthetic. We consistently meet the highest expectations in functionality and comfort for our customers.

Our Customers – aircraft seat manufacturers, automotive, railway integrators or completion centers – are constantly seeking innovative table solutions to address their ever increasing passenger and operator demands. Bucher folding tray tables are the answer. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Our key features

Our customers in the business aviation and automotive industries appreciate the quality and reliability of our mechanisms and kinematic solutions, tailored to fulfill strict weight and space requirements.

This has given Bucher extensive experience in developing and manufacturing the smartest of kinematic solutions for movable interior parts.

Our key features

The integration of IFE equipment such as monitors, screens or tablets into the seating system or other furniture of an aircraft is demanded by passengers and a necessity for crew members. Bucher has accumulated for over two decades a rich and wide experience in the development and manufacturing of all kinds of mechanisms for the installation and easy operation of IFE.

Video arms are non-detachable solutions for monitors that include a smart and concealed cable management along with the necessary deployment and adjustability motions for passengers’ comfort. Increased screen size and bulkier harnesses which support modern functionalities require more sophisticated mechanisms. Bucher provides reliable and lightweight video arms which will perfectly fit into your cabin environment.

Tablet holders are mechanical solutions, either detachable or permanent, which provide a convenient surface and support for BYO (“bring-your-own”) IFE equipment, normally tablets and smartphones. Compactness, smooth motions and integrated power supply interfaces are features of Bucher´s tablet holders which are most appreciated by VIP customers.

Our key features