Seat Components:
Perfect well-being provided by lightness

Frequent flyers business and first class passengers expect above average comfort. Their requirements go beyond the standard and can be seen partricularly in the seating arrangements. There, comfort goes beyond simply creating space for legs. Indeed, the comfort appointments to the seating area itself must accord with expectations. They do so when they are designed, developed and created by Bucher. Components of the in-flight entertainment system (IFE), for example, such as our video deployment systems. Or refined table ideas, which can unlock new dimensions of luxurious travel. Whichever solution is chosen, the Bucher innovation drives us can be felt all around the seating area offering your passengers their expected well-being and comfort.

Video Deployment System:

  1. Simple and comfortable positioning
  2. Safe use through ingenious cable configuration
  3. Various systems deliverable, according to customer request, available space in the seating area, seat type, monitor size and cable diameter
  4. Consideration of ergonomic requirements
  5. Simple maintenance thanks to modular design
  6. Increased life through less weight
  7. Low operating costs
  8. Small number of components
  9. Attractive design, full of aesthetic qualities
  10. Fulfilment of all current requirements of the FAR/JAR

Food Tray Tables:

Our customized tables for first and business class promise a high degree of reliability, meeting the most discerning requirements and are suitable for the most confined areas and feature the utmost refined solutions. From advice to design and development, to integration in your specific system, with Bucher you can get everything from the one place.

Your contact person: Francisco Aguilera